Liberty City Bus Tour 2017. (Review)

Have you ever imagined being a bus driver and driving around the city? Picking up and dropping of your own customers, earning your own money, customizing your own bus with colours, tires, etc. Well, Liberty City Bus Tour 2017 is exactly the game that you’re looking for.

Feel free to download it from here: Liberty City Bus Tour 2017 at Google Play Store.

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Breath-taking Race against the clock missions:

Let’s become a part of the fantastic bus drivers parade in this perfect coach driving parking game! Manually drive your own bus through our pickup points in-game to get your own customers. Make sure that you watch the clock to pick up customers on time in order to Unlock a fantastic bonus!

You will have 1 minute for each mission, and the clock on the screen will start counting down when the mission starts. Complete each mission, you will earn 3 stars as max, together with money bonus. The faster you complete the mission, the more money you will earn. Together with that, game also provide Daily bonus for player every day.

Liberty City Bus Tour 2017 has a great controls, good handling of the buses and lots of options to upgrade, such as colours of your bus, tires, etc.

The game has many virtual control keys for user in order to control the bus just like in real life. For example: left signal, right signal, acceleration, brakes, hazard signal, headlights, etc.

The game give you a good amount of money after every mission and for each level, so you won’t feel bored or get stuck with only one same old bus forever.

Graphics and physics are very good and catchy, but I wish if the game has few people on the streets would be a great addition for this game, the city quite empty sometime, when you traveling on the street.

The city in Liberty Bus Tour 2017 is a modern city where roads and traffics are seem very busy with many kind of vehicles. You will have a city map on the top left of your screen for navigation purpose, to make sure that you could reach your destination.

Well, mostly of course will be bus stops. In case if you feel that the map is complicated and hard to follow, then just follow the green Arrow right on top of you. By doing that, you will easily reach your destination and what you need to do next, is just park right where the colour area need you to be.

There are few minor issues while playing game such as normally for bus, it take a while to get to top speed but these buses get to top speed faster than a Ferrari, or sometimes few users are stuck at level 17, etc. but we guess they will be fixed though out updates in the future.

Verdict/ Conclusion:

Liberty City Bus Tour 2017 is a good game under simulator genre. It’s a worth-trying game if you’re seeking for something new for your mobile game collections.

There are few key Features that we could summarize as below:

  • Magnificent Liberty City environments and good gameplay.
  • Creative bus designs with impressive details.
  • Go for creeper parker missions and Complete all of them for big cash.
  • The more high score you earn, the more chance to collect more crown.
  • Purchase any in-game items will also remove Ads forever.



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