Handbook of Mobile Game Development Tools, Engines, Guides, and Resources for mobile developers Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this “Handbook of Mobile Game Development Tools, Engines, Guides, and Resources for mobile developers".If in Part 1 we talked about the useful tools for mobile developers, so, in this Part 2, we will talk about Marketing as well as ways to promote your game!

Hopefully through this article, you have been "adding" a series of new things to be able to develop.

I. Advertising and marketing

1. 5 Steps to Market your Free to Play Game - This guide covers all the important steps you need to take to market a freemium game or an advertising game.

Link: http://content.applift.com/5-steps-to-successfully-market-your-mobile-game/

2. Android advertising: How to make money - A guide to maximizing revenue from your app. It's geared towards Android developers, but the tips are great for everyone. It is worth reading if you plan to use the advertising model to generate revenue.

Link: http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/android-app-advertising/

3. How to contact the gaming press - A guide to contacting gaming sites, blogs and magazines to promote your game.

Link: http://www.pixelprospector.com/how-to-contact-press/

4. Indie Game Marketing Guide - A detailed guide from Gamasutra will take you through many different stages of a mobile game marketing process.

Link: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MariosMouratidis/20141001/226838/Indie_Game_Marketing_Guide_Part_1__How_to_create_Landing_Pages.php

5. Mobile App Promotion Tips - These tips from the app marketing experts through the App Promotion Summit. Do not aim at the game, but it is also good if you are thinking about an effective marketing.


6. MindJuice iOS marketing tips - An excellent catalog to ensure that you are marketing your game properly. Only for iOS, but the advice is pretty good for all other platforms.

Link: http://www.mindjuice.net/2011/01/21/ios-development-marketing-checklist/

7. Idiots guide to marketing your indie game - Another Gamasutra guide to your game marketing. Not focused on mobile, but worth reading.

Link: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MichaelRose/20091212/3798/The_Idiots_Guide_to_Marketing_Your_Indie_Game.php

8. Zero Budget Indie Game Marketing - Guide to marketing and promoting your game without spending money. Do not focus on mobile, but there are many related tips here.

Link: http://devmag.org.za/2009/06/16/zero-budget-indie-marketing-guide/

9. TigerStyle sales figures - Tiger Style shares numbers and tips on discounting your games on the App Store.

Link: http://blog.tigerstylegames.com/post/23104925410/15-days-of-waking-mars-at-2-99

10. How To: Promote your app - Mobyaffiliates tutorial on promoting your app. Do not focus on the game, but this guide has quite a few things you need to know.

Link: http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/how-to-promote-your-ios-and-android-mobile-apps/

11. App promotion: Ask the experts- We are going to ask the top three companies for their app recommendations for developers.

Link: http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/app-promotion-ask-the-experts/

II. Network app promotion

Ad networks

Due to the large demand of applications, many agencies and application ad networks have emerged with the aim of using their own technology features to help developers increase loyal users. From product marketing to advertising systems, companies have their own way of doing things. Here are some of the networks that can promote the app that you need to consider.

1. AppLift - Mobile game marketing expert in Europe, America and Asia.

Link: https://www.applift.com/affiliates?affiliate_id=1494

2. Chartboost - A popular mobile advertising network that allows you to promote your games for free!


3. TapDaq - The ad network specifically targeted mobile developers, working on a freemium model.


4. Appia- The Venture-Funded Network pays over 1 million downloads a week.


5. Appflood - Commission-Free, offers a wide range of types to create high efficiency.


6. NativeX - Provides campaigns and business models based on CPI.


7. appOptim- Promote your app on Whatsapp, other social networks, and messaging using this SDK.


8. InstaZebra - With this tool, you can promote all your applications on Instagram by using a lot of media ads.


9. Jampp - The ad system provides a CPI (cost per installation) model that uses its own proprietary technology.


10. Appnext - An ad system that allows monetization or exchange settings for iOS, Android, and HTML5.


11. Applifier - This app promotion network works by distributing a user to your application whenever your application provides a user to another developer - no related fees. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and offices in San Francisco.


12. TapJoy- Tapjoy provides sponsorships for developers who want to port their applications to Android. Based in San Francisco-, USA.


13. App Optimisers - Specializes in social media marketing, video and blogging.


14. HumanDemand - This promotion platform is completely self-service and targeted at budgeted developers.


15. Fiksu- the Marketing Company App provides non-incentivized download system on iOS and Android. Work with brands like VH1 and Barnes and Noble. Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, USA.


16. App Promo - Full of services such asdevelopment, PR,mobile advertising,ASO... Headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


App store

You may not be able to recognize it, but there are a lot of app stores that are not related to stores like Apple, Google, Windows and RIM. They are stores of device manufacturers or private stores created by the organization itself. Most of these are free to subscribe, so it would be nice if your app was available in stores like this, especially if it was pre-installed on the device. Here are some third party stores.

1. 1Mobile - Android app store, focused primarily on games and claims has more than 800,000 applications.


2. Tegra Store - App store of graphics company Nvidia. Highlights are games designed for use with Tegra chips from Nvidia smartphones.


3. AppsLib - is the second - biggest app store for Android after Google Play. Especially for lesser-known Android mobile devices, such as eReaders,tablets, and not Google certified. The statement has been installed on 2 million tablets worldwide.


4. MatchFuel - Not quite an app store, but offers daily app recommendations to Android users through a store. Formally called Andspot.


5. Handster - There are over 30,000 applications from over 4000 developers for Android, Java, BlackBerry and Symbianplatforms. Owned by Opera.


6. AndroidPit - App store run by AndroidPit site. Contains the applications selected by the editor team.


7. GetJar - One of the great app store. The announcement distributed over 350,000 mobile applications, with 395 registered developers. Also provides a pay per download system for developers.


8. Biskero - Focus on distributing Flash games and applications to mobile devices. Mostly active on Android and Nokia mobile phones.


9. Kongregate - reached over 6 million mobile gamers and desktop PCs, with 56,000 Flash games.


III. Mobile development forums

Forums are an indispensable resource if you need to ask questions and want to get help from a large community. This is also a great place for you to have all the latest news and issues that affect your development. Below is a list of the largest and most dynamic application development forums.

iOS Forums

1. iPhone Dev Forums - Not the largest active forum on the net, but there are still lots of valuable articles and resources.


2. Apple Developer Forums - Official Apple Forum. You need to have an Apple Developer Program to access.


3. MacRumours Forum - A very active forum.


4. iPhone Dev Sub Reddit –(iPhone dev sub-reddit on Reddit). Not just a forum, but a great place to keep up with new iOS news.


5. iDevGames Forums- General Forum including graphics, game design and everything else.


6. TouchArcade Dev forums - an iOS development forum for games only. A good place to discuss game design and business aspects.


Android Forums

1. Anddev - Includes all aspects of Android development. Some great tutorials can be found here.

Link: http://www.anddev.org/

2. Google Groups Android Devs - Google Groups for Android Development. A good place if you need quick answers. Very positive, but not too much for beginners.

Link: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#%21forum/android-developers

3. Android Dev Sub-Reddit - SubReddit for Android developer. More news and information than a discussion forum. But worth considering.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/androiddev/

4. Android StackOverflow - A good place to explore if you are a beginner and have plenty of questions to ask.


5. Phandroid Forums - Featured with a handy directory for beginners.


Cross Platform Forums

1. Stack Overflow - An indispensable resource for programmers that allows you to ask questions and find answers for everything from Android to HTML development. Lots of mobile content here. You just need to search for relevant keywords.


2. XDA Developers - A huge community of Windows Phone, Android developers and enthusiasts. Not aimed at devs games, but still very useful.


3. Corona Forums - The official forum to discuss when developing with the Corona SDK. Quite a lot of resources and very positive.


4. The Mobile Marketer Club discusses how to promote and monetize applications. Just started, so the membership is quite small, but it is growing fast.


5. GameDev Mobile Forums - Forum for GameDev.net. However, this forum does not work too well.


6. Dev Room - Forum for Android and iPhone. However, this forum does not work too well.



Hopefully through this article, you have been "adding" a series of new things to be able to develop more on its programming path. Good luck.

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