Dragon Age Origins list of gifts

Do you remember when was the last time feeling lost in fantasy world while playing game? When was the last time you played a game with such an incredible storytelling, great characters, and exciting battles? Well, with Dragon Age: Origins, this is the kind of game that will make you never forget.

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Travel through the fiction kingdom of Ferelden, you will meet unforgettable characters and fight for what you believe in. Dragon Age: Origins is a prolonged, chaotic, and extremely entertaining adventure that's easy to fall in love with.

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Release Date: November 3rd, 2009.

Dragon Age: Origins – Gifts Giving Guide:

In order to help players to enjoy the game in an easier way, we would like to give you some Gifts Giving Guide as below. Before going through the list, please take a look at our instructions on how to read our list in an effective way:

First column of the chart will show you the location of the gifts on the map and you'll have to refer to the Atlas to find them.

Here is an example:

- M21, P1: means that you must look at map 21 and find P1 symbol

- M21, 1: this means you have to look at map 21 and find a merchant marked with 1 (remember to buy the gift instead of asking for it or stealing it).

- M21, 1: means that you need to look at map 21, find the person marked with 1. You could either start a conversation or steal the gift using pickpocketing skills

(Dragon Age Map 21)

Aside from showing you the exact location of the object, you could also know which object or person that you will need to interact with (such as: chest, desk, civilian, etc.) by just reading the first column.

The 2nd Column will show you the name of the gift.

3rd column will be the suggestion on whom that you should receive a gift in order to achieve a maximum number of relationship points. In few cases (for common gifts), there will be more than 01 person, and you will be able to choose any extra member of your team.

Important:By visiting some certain merchants many times, you will be able to increase the chances of unlocking common gifts. Wine is one of a few examples in here. You might also can obtain some few rare gifts by sending your Mabari hound to look around the environment, if it’s your lucky day, then your dog will bring back to you some valuable items.

Finally, here is the list that you’ve been waiting for:

Location Name of the gift Who should receive this gift
M25, 2 (merchant) Ale Oghren
M27, 1 (merchant) Ale Oghren
M65, 2 (merchant) Ale Oghren
M29, P2 (desk) Alistair's mother's amulet Alistair
M48, 2 (merchant) Alley king's flagon Oghren
M65, 3 (merchant) Ancient map of the Imperium Loghain or Sten
M27, P1 (flower) Andraste's grace Leliana
M42, P1 (flower) Andraste's grace Leliana
M66, P1 (flower) Andraste's grace Leliana
M60, P1 (chest) Antivan leather boots Zevran
M21, P1 (sack) Beef bone Mabari hound
M34, P3 (chest) Beef bone Mabari hound
M55, P1 (chest) Black runestone Alistair
M25, P2 (chest) Bronze symbol of Andraste Leliana
M68, 1 (merchant) Current map of Ferelden Loghain
M42, P3 (chest) Dalish gloves Zevran
Found by the dog Dirty pair of pantaloons (send your dog for a search while staying in Lothering) Sten or Zevran
M61, P1 (bookshelf) Discovering dragon's blood Wynne
M65, P1 (armor stand) Duncan's shield (in order to gain access to the chamber with the shield you must first complete Saving the queen quest and receive a key from a Grey Warden named Riordan) Alistair

All maps could be found in here.

Still not satisfied with our list? Check out:gamepressure.com for more information.

Verdict/ Summary:

With more than 50 hours of gameplay on your first time, BioWare has described to you a unique world of Dragon Age: Origins as a "dark heroic fantasy", this game could be describe as a spiritual successor to their previous Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights franchises. The in-game atmosphere was inspired by The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones), and also was described by BioWare as a mix between high fantasy and low fantasy.



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