The core things that game designer and game developers must have

Making a video game is not easy as we always imagine, it is a mixed with chain of things together. “Envato” is knew as digital good market, which provide a lot of useful material in making a game. In this essay, I will present you everything related to this field.

1. Sprite sheets:

Sprite sheets consist of sprites, which are combine into one file. Sprite is an object, which is always appears and plays an important role in recent games. Sprite sheets are now the standard of game industry. In this section below, we will give you useful things you need to make sure that whether you need symbol, character….

∎ Game character – Sprite 08

This is a set of tools to help you make your character move like people’s movement such as running, walking, jumping…In addition, it also has a character set for 2D runner games.

∎ Pixel characters

If you have ever thought about creating pixel art, here is a very quick introduction to one of the fundamental aspect of it: characters. Characters and other objects are formed by illuminating pattern of pixels. This set includes over 40 characters with 10 poses each. It is the perfect added to a “retrogame”, this allows us to focus on the player's experience rather than the design of the character or other parts.

∎ Zombie Sprite sheets

Adding animated living dead to your game easily with this fantastic zombie sprite sheets. Five Zombie design, each walk and death loops, are included in this set. This is perfect for runner or platform games.

∎ Vegas Slot Icons Collection: 30 Vectorial Icons

Make fun by designing a Vegas style gambling machine with over 30 icons, ready for all your logo combining needs.

∎ Explosions and Impacts Spritepack

Filling a strong punch with beautiful designs. This is perfect for fighting games, RPGs, action games and more.

∎ Physics Game Block Set 3

These colorful block sets will bring a lot of fun and it is also great for games that play with physics or feature emotionalthat throw themselves at poor building. This set provides a variety of shapes, faces and block conditions.

∎ Game character sprite 07

Give your running girl magic power from earlier in this list a friend "nimble boy" sprite sheet. Wonderful for all platform games where you need multiple movement and actions.


∎ Virtual Coins for Your Games

If you need coin animations to attribute heavily in your game, within your game level, or as a part of user interface, this set of coin sprites youhave covered.

∎ Shark Game Assets

For players who love the simplicity and fun, creating a game of action-shark hunting bonuses will be a perfect idea.

∎ Flying Turtle Game Art

Instead of creating a flying bird like the old model, a winged turtle collecting gold coins would seem to be more attractive.

∎ Sky Birds Game Assets

With a perfect shooter, set of character and twist action, sidescroller games like this will have more fun.

∎ Game Asset Ornaments

With the diversified set of graphic ornaments and sprites, it will bring to the players feel interesting to play more and more from level-to-level.

∎ Game Animals Sprite Sheet | Volume 1

There will be a lot of animals in the game for you to choose, which can simulated the human movement such as walking, running, sliding, jumping,...

∎ Game Sprites 1

To players who enjoy adventure, this set of sprites is perfect.

∎ Space Shooter Creation Kit 3

Shooting games has been designed with complex spacecraft models, the sprite sheets will be extremely detailed contruction.

2. Backgrounds:

A background is what is underneath another object. In this field, background is the place where you can find any creative ideas for your game through the set of prites.

∎ 6 Game Backgrounds

Each background can be easily edited in the Adobe Illustrator software and the files are all ready for you to create a new game. In addition, the perfect combination of the set of backgrounds adds a lot of utility to adventure games.

∎ 5 in 1 Game Background

In this game, there are 5 colorful and funny backgrounds, players can choose a favorite background for their character based on the variety level.

∎ Jungle Run Game Background

Players must control their character through all different kind of trees in the forest with many interesting challenges in this game.

∎ Retro City Building Pack

With this background, players can build a busy retro city as they always dream.

∎ Nature Game Background

This is a game inspired by nature.

∎ Game Backgrounds #1

This is a simple game design with repeated backgrounds throughout the game.

∎ Game Backgrounds in One Set

This game design with the set of 15 backgrounds can integrate multiple moves at the same time as shooting while running or flying while shooting,...

∎ Game Background

This background offers players 10 different fantastic levels with spectacular mountain or nature scenes,...

∎ 9 Cartoon Game Backgrounds

Players will not be able to skip the games that have so cute and cute animated backgrounds like this.

∎ 8 Chinese Game Background

This type of games offer players the background to simulate Chinese architectural and designs.

3. Tile Sets:

This type will help game developers design diversified games by creating amazing different scenes.

∎ Scifi Shooter Sprite Sheet

Players have a chance to build a world dedicated to their character that against the enemy in this fiction games.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 4

This perfect set of tiles help game designers create many fantastic themes for adventure games. This set consist of two tile set styles, backgrounds, and an assortment.

∎ Pixel City Creation Kit

This Pixel City Creation Kit supports players in the construction of virtual city models.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 5

This is a winter themed game. Everthing in this kind of game will bring to players a very cool feeling.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 6

This is excellent graphic design software with challenges base on different levels. It allows players the opportunity to try with variety levels.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 9

The set of this tile is wonderful for players to build their castles. It shapes the style of the game and allows players to create castles related to the theme.

∎ 2D Tileset Platform Game

This is a simple designed game which keep the fun and comfort for players.

∎ 2D Tileset Platform Game 3

This kind of game with every detail were inspired from the forest.

∎ Platform Game Tileset 4: Abandoned Castle

This game titleset is an exciting start to players. It brings them the true feeling while they were playing game.

∎ Top-Down Roguelike Dungeon Crawl RPG Tileset

It is the perfect content for adventure games. Players also can easily change the set according to their preferences.

4. User Interfaces:

The set of interface packages are the perfect combination to help game designers complete their product in the fastest and most convinient way.

∎ RPG User Interface

You will not be able to miss any game using RPG User Interface because it’s a very clear and useful set of interfaces.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 3

The GUI Pack such as a wonderful set which create funny interfaces for mobile games.

∎ Match-3 Candy Game GUI

This kind of Interface is extremely lively and detailed.


∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 9

Exciting games on mobile phones or tablets will require the perfect combination of GUI Pack 9.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 11

These adventure games will operate more smoothly if they are designed base on this GUI Pack 11.

∎ Mobile Game GUI Pack 02

The items in the games will be highlighted by this interface. 2D games become more lovely because of GUI Pack 02.

∎ Mobile Game GUI Pack 04

This is the interface package that focuses on game mobile. It’s also the perfect choice for developing puzzle games.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 14

The colorful buttons in each game, which are designed by the GUI Pack 14 Interface would help players not to be confused.

∎ DingDong: Game GUI Pack

These items such as buttons, banners, tile sets, icons,... of mobile games can be lovely designed  by this interface.

∎ Space Game GUI Pack

Base on the space game GUI pack, game designers are able to focus on game instead just building items in the game.

5. Game Kits:

When you start developing a game, all you need is the set of game kits.

∎ Wirawiri: Game Level Map Builder

This game kit help creating the diversified terrain, surface styles, other items more beautiful and attractive.

∎ Top Down Racing Game Creation Kit

It will be much easier if the game designers use this set of kit to create racing games.

∎ 2D Pixel Art Game Assets

The 2D Pixel Art Game is the wonderful start to design a new game with 150 assets, creating a perfect begin for you.

∎ Casino Card Game GUI

This set is nice addition for your game inventory with full cards, table, and so on.

∎ Cannon Ball Shooter Assests

In this set, construct a bubble shooter with nice colors, animations, element and more in 3 file types.

∎ Flying Adventure Dark Style Game Kit

A game which consists of element sets, character sprites or so on will give for you sense of flying adventure.

∎ Spooky Places Game Assets

In order to an exciting game, this set with sprite sheets and buttons to the backgound is necessary for you. Spooky Places Gamr Assets is a cartoon-themed horror game.

∎ Game Assets for Tank Wars

If you want to enjoy a game with your friends in long time, this game set which have function sprites, tile sets and so on is good choice.

∎ Golden Slots Game Kit

This is a swanky game setwith more than 500 elements. Moreover, every asset can be edited in 6 file formats.

∎ Space Game GUI Set

You feel more excited with a space-themed game set which has designed menus, sprites, button and so on.


6. Miscellaneous Things:

This is a list of assets which has game icons and addition assets. Let’s see anything which be assembled below.

∎ Common Game Icon Asset

A game is very excited which has 100 icons in 4 sizes.

∎ RPG Item Bundle 1

This is a game with a bundle of 296 items used for leveling up players.

∎ Magic Bottles Icons

The icon sets are a new theme for all games.

∎ Game Icons

Icons which are designed simply and colorfully are one of the key to attract the attention of players.

∎ 2D Cartoon Forest Trees & Plants

For this type of game, the game makers have designed more than 230 items based on the image of the tree.


∎ Donut Game Icons Set

This game is great for playerwho love cooking, it is a perfect combination of colorful food.

∎ 85 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

This is a fantastic game for players who want to create their icons by themselves.

∎ Asteroids Game Pack

Many players are considering buying this package to complement the space game collection on their mobile devices.

∎ Isometric Map Icons Vol.01

This is a perfect design for games that involve maps because it’s has many choice for players to choose.

∎ Common Game Icon Pack HD

For games that have already hit the market, this is a perfect addition to improving game quality.


This is a list of core things, which are game designers and game developers pay attention for creating a new games. There may be some details that can be overlooked but in general this is a useful article for people who are really interested in the game development services industry.


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