WebLords game. (Review)

There was a time when web-games were expanding and they were everywhere. Everyday there are hundreds of web games released in a variety of genres, ranging from casual, RPG to music, fashion… and of course Strategy

But … today, the golden age of web-games is over. The number of web-games is getting less and less and finding a RPG web-game is very difficult. So if you are a Strategy fan, then in today’s article I would like to introduce you to a great Strategy. A web-game called WebLords.

This is a very popular online strategy game released as a free game. WebLords’ gameplay focuses on PvP battles between players in order to find the strongest player with the “lord of the web” (WebLord).

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In the world of WebLords, players will build a powerful army of legendary beasts like the Troll, Dragon … to fight with many enemies (the army of the same players ) and expanding territory, collecting resources, developing empires.

In addition, WebLords is a virtual society with chat features with friends, rankings … Gamers can update their scores at any time and show off to everyone in the friend list.


WebLords, a browser-based, free–to-play online player versus player (PvP) game, launched today on Electric Bat Interactive’s Wurl Platform to itself into social entertainment. Level up your weblord and destroy your enemies. Discover magical items and customize your weblord.

It’s open season on the World Wide Web as WebLords from all over the globe battle for Internet supremacy. The fantasy multi-player game gives players the opportunity to clash with other Web-warriors in a quest to conquer, command, and control the Internet. EBI also revealed plans to release a WebLords app for the Apple iPhone, which will give players the power to strike from anywhere, at any time.

Great armies and heroic warriors will soon take their battles for Internet dominance to sites across the Web. WebWars today introduced WebLords, a browser-based, free-to-play online Player vs. Player (PvP) game that uses an innovative layered-reality game (LRG) platform to turn the Web itself into social entertainment.

The fantasy-based multi-player experience gives any player a chance to join the fray by inviting friends, chatting, developing alliances and battling others to conquer, command and control any website. As WebLords heads into beta testing, registration for the chance to participate is now launch.

How to play :


Once you’ve had the hang of things you’ll be in a better position to pick your targets, but for now, surf to a lower traffic website like the one for your high school, college, or local government. After you’ve found a suitable website, click the button on your Gamebar to enter the Battle screen.


At the beginning of the game, you are prepared for some basic units, yet you’re going to want to recruit some more before you start fighting.

Click on the button at the bottom of the Battle screen. This will pop up a new window where you can buy additional units. button at the bottom of the Battle screen. This will show a new window where you can purchase other units.

The top of the Purchase Units window shows your available resources, including Gold, Crystal, Wood, and Iron. Power is a representation of the total units you can have in your army at once, with more powerful units costing more Power to own.

Each unit is basic information to help you decide which units to get, including how many you currently own, the unit’s base damage, hit points, critical hit chance, army type, cost, and description of their special ability. Adjusting the number of units you want to purchase will display the total cost of the stack.

For now, just go down until you see the Griffin Rider. Use the form box or arrows to buy 25 and then click the button to confirm your purchase. Now you should have 25 more Griffin Riders in your army to use when attacking or defending.


Once you’re ready to attack the website and claim it for yourself, you can assign which of your units you want to attack the website.


1) Features in the game are great and attractive

Players collect experience and loot from battles, which aids in building their personal castles and unlocking new battle-ready units as the game progresses. Each WebLord is fully customizable, allowing gamers to create and modify their personal character, armies and battle strategies.

Multi-layered, time-controlled battles provide an entertaining way to multi-task while on the Web. With WebWars cash – the currency used to buy items in all WebWars games – players can further customize their experience with premium items from the Cash Shop.

In WebLords, players game across a parallel universe associated with any website of their choosing. To develop kingdoms, players must conquer and rule coveted online landscapes and destroy relentless armies controlled by other players.

Key features of WebLords include: players earn experience and loot from battles, which aids in growing their Empire and unlocking new battle-ready units as the game progresses.

Each WebLord is customizable, allowing gamers to create and modify their own character, armies and battle strategies. Multi-layered, time-controlled battles provide an entertaining way to multi-task while on the Web.

2) Some basic features of the game

The WebLords Gamebar: The WebLords Gamebar allows you use navigation to all the game’s systems, provides important information, and allows you to play the game and battle on any website you are currently visiting.

The War Room: The War Room acts as your information center, providing you a quick overview of all your owned sites, important news, messages from other players, and manage your friends.

The Hero Screen:The Hero Screen is where you can manage your WebLord, allowing you to check yourattributes and rankings and outfit your WebLord with new equipment.

With Wurl Bucks – the currency used to buy items in all Electric Bat Interactive games – players can further augment their experience with premium items from the store.WebLords also features an integrated social community with friend’s lists and status updates.

With in-game results and rankings and a versatile game bar, players always have access to their score and possible bragging rights.

3) Play WebLords on iPhone

“Running WebLords through rounds of beta put the game in front of countless discerning players,” said Cindy Armstrong, CEO, Electric Bat Interactive, LLC. “This game was created to transform something as simple as web surfing into exhilarating social entertainment accessible to anyone. For that same reason we are now planning to launch WebLords on the iPhone platform, for a seamless, cross-platform gaming experience from PC or Mac to mobile.”

The WebLords iPhone app will give players a level of flexibility to play the game either at their desks or outside. Conquer the Internet while waiting on a cup of coffee, walking the dog, or stranded in an airport – all from an easy-to-use iPhone app.

4) You can play WebLords anytime and anywhere

“WebLords is quite possibly the ultimate online strategy/role-playing game as it can be played anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection and an easy to download browser plug-in,” said Cindy Armstrong, CEO, WebWars, LLC. “Whether at home, in the office or on the road, layered reality games add new, exciting forms of entertainment to surfing the Web. We look forward to offering WebLords to players for the first time with the beta test and listening to their feedback as the game gets closer to launch.”

In WebLords, players game finds out a parallel universe associated with any website of their choosing. By developing their kingdoms, they can rule their lands and destroy their enemies.

5) WebLords has an exclusive, solid foundation

With WebWars cash – the currency used to buy items in all WebWars games WebWars encourages aspiring WebLords to sign up for their chance to be among the first to capture key sites across the Web.

Interested beta testers can register at http://www.web-lords.com. Created in Flash, WebLords can be installed in Internet Explorer or Firefox through a simple toolbar download; additional browser integration will be available soon.

WebWars’ proprietary LRG platform leverages existing open source technology within a reusable modular game system. These modules enable interchangeable themes, characters, gameplay mechanics and standard game components, such as social networking, chat features and billing. This allows developers to roll out new games on an aggressive timeline.

WebWars is able choose from a variety of features for its future title development, drastically cut off time-to-market and costs. The modules are also backwards compatible, enabling WebWars to upgrade existing games with future developments, in order to extend a successful franchise.

Behind WebLords is Electric Bat Interactive’s proprietary Wurl platform, which leverages existing open source technology within a reusable modular game system. These modules enable interchangeable themes, characters, gameplay mechanics and standard game components, such as social networking, chat features and billing. This allows developers to roll out new games on an aggressive timeline.

Electric Bat Interactive is able choose from a variety of features for its future title development, drastically reducing time-to-market and costs. The modules are also backwards compatible, enabling Electric Bat Interactive to upgrade existing games with future developments, in order to extend a successful franchise.

6) About Electric Bat Interactive 

Electric Bat Interactive, the innovator in layered reality gaming (LRG) and entertainment, is changing the way people engage with online entertainment by removing the barriers between Web gaming and websites. Pioneering modular online game development, Electric Bat Interactive can easily create new features and titles through their unique technology platform.


WebWars, the innovator in layered reality gaming (LRG) and entertainment, is changing the way people using online entertainment by removing the barriers between Web gaming and websites. Pioneering modular online game development, WebWars can easily create new features and titles through their unique technology platform. Founded in 2008, WebWars is privately held and based in Austin, Texas.







Five nights at Freddy’s age rating. (Review)

Five nights at Freddy’s 2 is a live-action horror video game developed by Scott Cawthon in 2014, this game is the sequel of Freddy’s Five Nights. The game was released on Steam on November 11, 2014, two more days are expected between 2015 and December 25, 2014 corresponding to the second version due to demo.

===> Note: You can play Five nights at Freddy’s  for free on Freegames66.com    <===  Try it now!

How to play:

Although the power supply for the cameras and vent lights is unlimited, the flashlight does have a finite battery life; if it runs out, the player becomes vulnerable to attack. In addition, a music box has been placed in one room and must be remotely wound up through the camera interface, to avoid being attacked by an additional enemy that appears should the music stop.

Main player can be placed on the mask to avoid the approach of animatronics. However, this tactic will not work with all enemy characters. A flashlight is also available, which is used to check the corridors and dark areas of the camera feed, as well as to reset certain animatronics through strobing.

Although the power supply for the camera and the vent lamp is not limited, flashlights do not have battery life; if it is over, the player becomes vulnerable. In addition, a music box was placed in a room and must be remotely controlled through the camera interface, to avoid being attacked by an additional enemy that appears when the music stops.


In the first game, after the player is killed, there is a chance that instead of the Game Over screen, one of the four low-resolution mini-games will turn up, with the instructions given in early in each post. These mini games have insight into the thrill of events that have made the restaurant famous.

Five nights at Freddy’s age rating.

The game concludes of five nights, increasing difficulty. Completing all five unlocked a harder sixth hard night, which in turn ushered in a “Custom Night” upon completion. In Custom Night, players can customize the difficulty of the AI ​​to the enemy character or play one of 10 set challenges.

The mobile portal for Android came out on November 13, 2014. The Windows Phone version was published on December 5 along with Freddy’s first 5 nights.

The player plays the protector Jeremy Fitzgerald, instead of Mike Schmidt from the first match. It has six completely new rivals as well as redesigned versions of the original four characters from the original game. There is also no door to close. Instead, the player must put a mask on Freddy Fazbear to avoid being killed by most animatronics.


 Omri Petitte from PC Gamer gave Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 score 7 out 10, claimed that what he looking for in the sequel ““was more mind games and more uncertainty. I wanted the plodding animatronic suits to find me and rip my face off in new and interesting ways. I wanted working legs. What I got was a horror game dipping heavily into deception and subtlety, a wonderfully cruel cocktail of supernatural mystery and jolts of panicked adrenaline. Enjoying the good parts, though, comes with a cost of a frustratingly steep difficulty”.

strike force heroes 3 unblocked games 66 – Kill the General!

Unlike other classic 2D shooter games, there is a completely different game engine. The gameplay of this game is a modern and has lots of new features. In Strike force heroes 3, you can play as different roles. However, the most important difference between this and other games is that.

In this game, you are not just another soldier, you will receive an essential quest to complete. Your character must save the universe from the evil professor.

Note: You can play this game for free on the Freegames66.com just by one click. Try it now!


How to play:

1. Hero and battles stats:

Before entering the fight, players choose 4 teams and one captain. Captain has + 15% of stats. The recruiting system is new in the SFH series. The player will start with a soldier, but unlock the evolving classes throughout the campaign.

Every day a new hero can be recruited (names and classes are created randomly). When players level up, the cost of new heroes will increase. Players can change heroes before they enter the battle. Heroes fighting so many consecutive battles can become tiresome.

There are three conditions of the soldier when they are not in normal status:

TIRED – Heroes that fight many battles in a row become tired and have -20% stats.

INJURED – When tired heroes fight too many battles, they get injured and have -50% stats.

CRITICAL – When the heroes are wounded in battle, they finally become critical. It drops 99% of the hero’s stats. Each match you complete will play the game one day and gently heal all the heroes that are not in battle.

2. Combat Modes

Every day, Heroes gain experience and level up. The maximum is 30. There are 7 combat modes.

Team Deathmatch – Two teams fight to win and the team gets the maximum to kill the first win.

Deathmatch – No team and this battle can only be played with one soldier. The captain of the team fights against other enemies and no one is an ally. The player who gains a certain amount of damage will win.

Capture the Flag – Each team has its flags (bags) which they need to defend. Points are scored when a team member delivers the flag to the position of the other. When a soldier carries a flag he/she can’t use the primary weapon.

Domination – There are three points on the map. When one of the player’s soldiers starts the green light starts and the player’s team begins to pick up points. If all points are captured, the enemy will stop receiving points.

One Man Army – Similar to “Juggernaut” games in previous games in the series. One Man Army is played with one soldier who must kill the One Man Army (a soldier who is bigger and glows red) to become the One Man Army, and then continue killing everybody else on the map to get points.

Gun Game – Played with one soldier. The player starts with a weak weapon and gets better weapon by scoring kills.

Team Gun Game – Just like the gun game, except it is played in teams up to 5 soldiers. When a soldier kills an enemy, everybody else from their team will get a new weapon.

3. Weapons workshop

To use level 31 weapons, upgrade the weapon in workshop and instead it will be downgraded to the lower level. There are 6 weapon conditions: Broken, Normal, Refined, Flawless, Custom and Prototype. Prototype are level 0 and 1 weapons. Custom weapons are unique, golden weapons.

Slot Machine is a feature in the shop that made its debut in SFH2.Spin it and you may get rewards.

Plot of the game

The story continues one year after the events of Strike Force Heroes 2.

After GlobeX was defeated, and their clones troopers’ signal shut down, The Scientist, who was originally ally of the military took over the GlobeXcompany and reprogrammed veterans from Strike Force Heroes army: Jyn, Dex, Nathan and Tower, who suffered Captured in the final battle in SFH 2, so they work for them. He somehow moved the signal that provided the human source back and created clone army that took over the world, promising his men that the world would fire and only Strike Force Heroes will be blamed. Back at SFH in South America, Wesley, the only hero not captured by GlobeX, is alerted to another attack, led by his former squad mate.

He then became unit commander, replacing General West who had died in previous operations. He must recruit new soldiers to fight and save the world from the human apocalypse. He then recruited Sanchez, Gunslinger, and continued to recruit until the SFH army developed enough to defeat the clones.


Like previous games in Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 3 is a 2D platform game played on the map. There are 60 missions and side missions, and after each mission, players will receive a new weapon, a weapon plan, a fund or a new soldier class.


 To sum up, this is the most awesome shooter in the flash gaming world. Strike force heroes 3 is a whole new dimension of entertainment and intense battlefields. Here you can enjoy with a beautiful graphics and fight like a hero at the same time.


How to hide games in your Steam library?

After such a long time, finally Valve has added one more function to hide games in the Steam library. The new functionality is accessible from the Set Categories menu, making it so that hidden games will not show up in any Library filters except a new filter named “Hidden”.

Hidden games are of course still available to play, but at least now nobody has to know who owns them. You might have to get through some submenus to cast the unwanted titles into the corner.

 1. Why would you even wantto hide games in your Steam library?

It’s simple: Between Humble BundlesSteam Summer sales, (sometimes) separate listings for beta, Mac, and Linux versions of games, and the slew of ways to snag free PC games, your library can become cluttered with titles that you don’t want to play anytime soon, if ever. Steam’s new feature is the digital equivalent of spring cleaning.

2. How to hide games in your Steam library

The process is incredibly straightforward.Simply open your Steam library, then click right on the game you want to hide and select Set Categories. The pop-up menu will appear, then you check the box shows “Hide this game in my library,” finally click OK. The game is now vanish from the Steam Library.

But what if one day you decide to take one of the outcasts for a whirl once again? Easily, you can just drag hidden games back into the light, though that process is also slightly less than intuitive.

Open your Steam Library once again, then pick the Gameslink in the search box to bring up a drop-down menu. At the bottom of the list you’ll see a “Hidden” filter. Click it to reveal your hidden games, which you can then play, install, or re-add to your library by unchecking the “Hide this game in my library” box under Set Categories.


  • Additionally, Steam’s received an updated user interface, shifting some navigation elements and making the color palette a bit nicer. Content updates will now also not be delayed for games set to high priority. There are also some tweaks to improve in-home streaming.


Great learning curve in the game and their effects

Good game – developers can guide players while they play games and meet challenges in the game. Players will develop slowly when playing games of these talented game developers.
Many games can help you to have fun with great learning curve. Simplicity means the game will have improved systems or features, as players interact with them, they will gradually develop and open up other directions. Today, I will introduce you to 7 games with great learning curve.

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1. Portal

From the scene where you woke up in Chell’s room, Portal brings you to the new experience gently. According to Prof. Ian Schreiber, “the whole game is a guide to how the player defeats it, like a guidebook but it’s a game.”
Portal allows you to comfortably think or control the character to solve its puzzles, it creates challenges for you and forces you to find a way to overcome it, but it does not create pressure for you.
When you solve a puzzle, it is the platform for you to solve the next puzzle. In the Portal, there are environmental cues that act as suggestions for you. Some of the signals are very interesting as the location of the tower, very unique and different from the signals in other games.

TAKEAWAY: You can combine hints and challenge players at the same time if you make good use of environmental factors.


2. Burnout 3

Most racing titles have super cars, impressive races, speed and terrain … but why do I mention Burnout 3?
“I really like Burnout 3,” Corey Davis, director of design for the statement. When you play this game, every time you get a new car, you will feel it faster and stronger than the previous car. This is a unique feature of the game and it keeps the game maintaining the challenge level with you. When you have a new car, your opponent is also stronger, the track and the music is also more impressive.

TAKEAWAY: You have to keep challenging the players. When they achieve new accomplishments, let them see new challenges that are more difficult and rewarding for them.

3. Guitar Hero

This game is like a real instrument. Guitar Hero is a game, but also a course for you. It even surpasses a real guitar. It can meet many other factors such as the player’s skills, the music the player wants … And if you want the game to be more difficult, it will split the songs into “setlists”.
The feedback on the game screen, the challenges for the players, and the joy of mastering a song … create the great thing of the game.

TAKEAWAY: Learning curves can allow players to control their own challenges and progresses, but it also creates greater challenges at the next level.

4. Dark Souls

In this game, the difficulty escalates very fast. However, there are always other ways for you.
Just like you start feeling overwhelmed, you will be back in the Firelink Temple. The town center will be the place where you start and also where you “go back”. When you complete a task or you can not finish it, you can still choose other routes more easily. In Dark Souls, there is not only one way for you.

TAKEAWAY: Great difficulty does not necessarily equal the learning curve, as the Dark Souls show.

5. Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War II

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is one of the most popular real-time RPG games. Game gives you the confidence to experience the new things that it has. You will be comfortable combining strategies with each other, using new units. “I always felt that I was confident in doing missions in the game,” Bourassa said.
Dawn of War II has small-scale campaigns in comparison to traditional RTS games. Short-term missions, small armies for simple missions, reduce management pressures and allow players to focus more on game situations.

TAKEAWAY: A dangerous equilibrium learning curve with empowering players will give you a taste of failure and victory, both of which will give you the learning experience.

6. Ironcast

Ironcast is a very unique mashup genre. It is a Puzzle Quest puzzle that combines roguelite adventuring, steampunk (resource management) and mech-bot (warfare).
Although ironcast looks simple at first, but when you experience the game, you will feel the depth of it.
You will collect resources from combining play modes together. You will quickly find out how to fight, including strategy and tactics. If you lose a battle, it’s a game, you can continue another battle. The complexity of Ironcast is designed to give you time and comfort rather than creating too much pressure. And the upgrades in the game also allow you to change your strategy rather than just upgrading your weapons and shields.

TAKEAWAY: You can reduce the complexity of the game and surprise the player at the same time by starting simple and repeatedly upping the stakes, stripping back the layers underlying the gameplay – systems.

7. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is still legend in game design. The game has 8 worlds with different challenges for you.
This is a great example of how to teach a player without instructions. In the game, the player will not see any instructions for them. All you can do is try and try, then you will understand all about the game after the try.
You do not know about the features in the game like jump to the top of the enemy, head to the square with question marks … but you will discover them and other interesting things by playing the game.

TAKEAWAY: Classic games always have great lessons in game design. Super Mario Bros is a good example of how to quickly introduce core concepts.

If you can not create a difficult game, keep in mind that great learning curves should have little obstacles to challenge players and test their skills or to introduce new features. You need to let your players experience the game and make sure that when they fail they can know the reason why they lost.

Handbook of Mobile Game Development Tools, Engines, Guides, and Resources for mobile developers Part 1

It’s no surprise that Android and iOS have quickly become the “default” platform of choice for anyone wishing to embark on a mobile gaming journey. In just six years, the App Store and Google Play have changed and mastered the gaming industry – something that traditional gaming consoles have always dreamed of. Just looking back at Microsoft’s roadmap in 2013, they said that they hoped to sell 100 million units of the Xbox One in 10 years. If only compared to the Android phone, you will see more than 1 billion devices activated in just the past six years.

It’s not just about the size or profits that attract many game developers to Android and iOS. It is by now, creating an application and putting it into a large market is easier and cheaper than ever, driven by a host of game engines, frameworks, resources, and platforms application development without code …

So, if you are looking for “resources” to be able to grow for iOS, Android and many other platforms, or simply want to expand your knowledge and understanding, then you should read this article. Hope this guide will help you answer all your questions. Below you will find more than 100 links to the best tools for creating mobile games and engines, tutorials for your game development, advice on how you can sell your games, ad networks. It can help you in creating a user’s attention to your game, and finally communities – where you can ask questions and get support from other experienced developers.


I. Tools and engines for creating mobile games

Building mobile games

Do not know Objective C or Java? Do not be afraid, this day you can completely create mobile games with full features without writing a line of code at all. Below I show you some of the platforms you can create mobile games and most of them do not require any programming knowledge. Of course, you may have to pay a subscription fee as well as not be flexible when using them, but if you do not have time to learn a programming language then this is your best option.

1. Construct 2: This is a tool for creating mobile games on Windows. It allows you to create games on iOS, Android and Facebook without any programming knowledge. Use interfaces based on simple events.

Link: https://www.scirra.com/

2. GameMaker: This is one of the most popular platforms using the drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to create games for Android and iOS.

Link: http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/windows

3. Styncyl: This is a platform for creating games for iOS and Flash. Drag and Drop feature in the interface. Android and HTML5 will soon be supported.

Link: http://www.stencyl.com/

4. PlayMaker+Unity: It will be a little harder to understand this tool than other non-coding tools in this list, but many developers also find the powerful combination of Unity and Playmaker.

Link: http://www.hutonggames.com/

5. Multimedia Fusion 2: This is a tool that allows you to create games and applications for iOS, Android, Java and XNA without having to program. They have said that you can learn the basics in just a few hours.

Link: http://www.clickteam.com/website/world/multimedia-fusion-2

6. PlayIR: Just recently entered this hot market, PlayIR focuses on helping developers create multiplayer 3D games.

Link: http://playir.com/

7. GameSalad: Just drag and drop, but GameSalad allows you to develop and publish for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and HTML5. This tool has created some games like Zombie Drop and Angry Anna on iOS.

Link: https://gamesalad.com/

8. Gideros Mobile: This is a tool that uses the same functions as Flash, allowing you to create both games and applications. Not as simple as some of the tools above, but you do not need to know anything about advanced programming languages.

Link: http://giderosmobile.com/

9. LiveCode: This tool allows you to use an “intuitive” and “English programming language” interface so you can create games quickly, they say it can porting between iOS and Android.

Link: https://livecode.com/

10. Game Editor: This is a free and open source game creator (as long as your game is also open source). Supports iOS and Windows Mobile.

Link: http://game-editor.com/Main_Page

II. Game engines and libraries

Game engine is a software framework that provides many basic elements of a game, such as 2D and 3D graphic rendering,sound, physics, animation and AI… Here are a bunch of game engines and frameworks (similar to game engines but require developers to do more). For more information on using game engines and frameworks, please see the list of instructions at the bottom.

Cross platform (iOS/Android)

1. Edgelib: This is a 2D and 3D game engine supporting Symbian,Windows Mobile (possibly WP), Android and iOS.

Link: http://www.edgelib.com/

2. Unity Mobile: This is the mobile version of 3D Unity engine, a very famous engine. Supports iOS and Android. Used to create games like Madfinger Shadowgun.

Link: https://unity3d.com/#mobile

3. Emo: This is a mobile game framework. Uses Squirrel language and is based on OpenAL / OpenSL and OpenGL ES. With this tool, you can write the game once and run on both iOS and Android.

Link: http://www.emo-framework.com/

4. Unreal Development Kit: This is a free version of Unreal Engine III – the leading game engine today. UDK is used to create games, applications and advanced 3D simulations. Supports iOS and Android.

Link: http://www.unrealengine.com/udk/

5. JMonkey Engine: This is a free open source Java OpenGL engine, which allows you to program Java and ports to any OpenGL compatible device.

Link: http://jmonkeyengine.org/

6. Esenthel Engine: This is a “high performance” and “easy to use” engine for Android and iOS, as well as Windows and Mac.

Link: http://www.esenthel.com/

7. ShiVa3D: The 3D game engine and development toolkit themselves claim to be the most popular cross platform about mobile – game – engine. SupportingWindows Phones, BlackBerry OS, Android and iOS.

Link: http://www.shiva-engine.com/

8. Corona SDK: This is a fairly popular platform, which allows you to create games (as well as applications) for iOS and Android and WP. They said it was used by more than 150,000 developers.

Link: http://www.coronalabs.com/

9. MonoGame: This is an open source engine for 2D Android and iOS.

Link: http://www.monogame.net/

10. Libdx: This is a framework for Android, HTML5 and Java 3D / 2D game development. Free of charge. Allows you to write once and port to many other platforms.

Link: http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/

11. Papaya Social Game Engine: This is a 2D game engine from Papaya to help developers create mobile social games more easily. Supports iOS and Android.

Link: http://www.papayamobile.com/

12. MoSync: This is a fairly lightweight tool for HTML5 / JavaScript developers that can build native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Link: http://www.mosync.com/

13. Orx: This is an open source and lightweight 2D engine.

Link: http://orx-project.org/

14. Marmalade: This is an engine that allows you to develop games and applications in C / C ++ and deloy for both mobile phones and desktops. Supports iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Link: http://www.madewithmarmalade.com/

15. BatteryTech: This is a game development framework that allows you to write in C ++ for the Android and iPhone platforms.

Link: http://www.batterypoweredgames.com/batterytech

16. App Game Kit: This tool use a BASIC script language to let developers coding once and deploy it to multiple platforms including iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS.

Link: https://www.appgamekit.com/

17. Starling: This is a cross platform framework used by companies like Rovio. Particularly strong in the field of particle systems.

Link: https://gamua.com/starling/

18. Antiryad Gx: This is a cross-platform multi-core 3D and 2D game engine for iOS, Android and WP. Support C, C ++ and Gel.

Link: http://www.arkham-development.com/

19. PlayCanvas: This is an open source WebGL engine for Android, iOS and HTML5. Provide free hosting for games developed on its platform.

Link: https://playcanvas.com/

Game engine for iOS


1. iTorque: 2D game editor for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Used to create names such as Hospital Havoc and Sushi to Go.

Link: http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-2d

2. Cocos2D: Framework to build 2D games for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The statement was used to create over 2500 games on the App Store.

Link: http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/about

3. Sparrow: Free open source game engine for iOS. Use Objective C and built for iPhone and iPad.

Link: https://gamua.com/sparrow/

4. Oolong: The free game engine is written in C ++, allowing you to create new games on the new iOS and port games available for iOS devices.

Link: https://code.google.com/archive/p/oolongengine/

5. Newton: The open source real-time physics engine is designed for use with the basic physics knowledge. Free-to-use.

Link: http://newtondynamics.com/forum/newton.php

6. Kobold2D: Improved version of cocos2d engine for iPhone. Declaration is easier to use and stronger than cocos2d.

Link: http://www.kobold2d.com/display/KKSITE/Home

7. DragonFire: IPhone 2D and iPad development tools on Windows. Used to create games like Little Train and Cake Rama.

Link: http://www.dragonfiresdk.com/

Game engines for Android

1. Candroid – Free Game Engine for Android.

Link: https://code.google.com/archive/p/candroidengine/

2. Android Arsenal – Gather links to a variety of Android libraries.

Link: https://android-arsenal.com/

3. AndEngine – Free Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine developed by Nicolas Gramlich.

Link: http://www.andengine.org/

4. jPCT AE -Game free 3D engine is a port of “jPCT” for Android. Supports “OpenGL ES” 1.x and 2.0. Used to create Airdroidand Aaagh! on Google Play.

Link: http://www.jpct.net/jpct-ae/

5. Android Toolbox – A large collection of libraries for Android.

Link: http://androidweekly.net/toolbox

6. Android Box2D – 2D body physics engine written in C ++ for Android developers.

Link: https://code.google.com/archive/p/androidbox2d

7. Catcake – Free 3D graphics engine for Android (as well as Linux), easy to use and high performance.

Link: https://code.google.com/archive/p/catcake/

8. Cocos2D for Android – The framework for building 2D games on Android. Based on Cocos2D framework for iPhone. Free.

Link: https://code.google.com/archive/p/cocos2d-android/

III. Tutorials and Guides

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or a “specialist” level, you will always have to learn something new. Here is a list of free tutorials and guides to help you develop your mobile game, including everything from programming to the processes involved in submitting games to the app store.

Guides for iOS

1. Tutsplus – A very “big” page. Most of the things you need are here. From coding, design … to related issues such as selling products, advertising …

Link: https://tutsplus.com/

2. Raywenderlich.com  – An important page where entire tutorials can be found on this page, from the Objective C courses to the Swift and Cocos2d guides, Corona, Unity…

Link: https://www.raywenderlich.com/tutorials

3. Developing iOS 7 Apps – There are not many game guides, but it has a collection of free lectures on iOS development.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/course/developing-ios-7-apps-for/id733644550

4. Intro to Swift – A good tutorial on Apple’s Swift programming language.

Link: https://www.bloc.io/swiftris-build-your-first-ios-game-with-swift#!/chapters/675

5. Gamasutra Guide – A neat guide for you to get started with iPhone development, including the adminstrative tools and a few basic basics.

Link: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/4211/iphone_development_everything_you_.php

6. Cocos2D Flappy Bird Guide – A step-by-step guide on creating a Flappy Bird copy with cocos2d and Sprite Builder.

Link: https://www.makeschool.com/online-courses/tutorials

7. iDevgames Programming for beginner – Four Beginner’s Guide to iOS game development. Includes information about libraries, tools, and programming languages.

Link: http://idevgames.com/articles/for-beginners

8. Publishing a Commercial iPhone Game – Asterope developer’s helpful guide, step by step detail on how he performs his game.

Link: https://www.gamedev.net/articles/business/

9. iPhone 3D programming – Intensive ebook for iPhone game development with OpenGL ES. Not for beginners.

Link: http://www.oreilly.com/ofps/

10. Complete iOS Game Tutorial – This handy guide will help you step by step to develop on iOS. Includes menu and design, as well as elements in gameplay.

Link: http://iky1e.tumblr.com/post/2855939592/tutorial-complete-ios-game-part-1

11. Learn Cocoa – A series of articles on using iOS with the Cocoa engine, lessons on Objective C, and Cocoa Graphics.

Link: http://cocoadevcentral.com/

12. Cocos2D programming guide – A collection of in-depth tutorials on the web.

Link: http://www.cocos2d-swift.org/docs

Guides for Android

1. KiloBolt – There are also great tutorials on Android, which are worth a look.

Link: http://www.kilobolt.com/tutorials.html

2. Build Your First App – Introductory lessons on Android application building on the official Android website. Very necessary for beginners.

Link: https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html

3. App Fundamentals – A basic guide from the official Android website designed for beginners.

Link: https://developer.android.com/guide/components/fundamentals.html

4. Android Game Development Tutorial – A guide to making Android games for beginners. Still growing, but quite comprehensive.

Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28323110

5. Android Application Development Videos – Over 200 video tutorials for developing Android apps. A great source if you are a video-learning enthusiast.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC2F07DBCDCC01493A&feature=plcp

6. Android Game Development – A basic introduction to game structure and game sprite animation via the “Javacodegeeks” website.

Link: https://www.javacodegeeks.com/tutorials/java-tutorials/#Android%20Game%20Tutorials


The above is the best thing for you to develop a game, but you need to consider how you will promote your game if you want everyone to participate in the game. At Part 2 of this article are some helpful tutorials that all developers should read. Over time, there will probably be better articles shared to help developers sell games, you can go to the home page of the links in the article to update the useful information.
Please visit Part 2 about the guide in Advertising and Marketing.

What do you know about funny games? Take a look at Comedy and Humor in Video Games.

Fun games have been around for a long time and they are almost an indispensable element for today’s game developers. But why a game is fun? What do we know about these funny games?

There are games developed based on the same movie as Borderlands, or like Left 4 Dead, we can easily see the humor through quinging features of the character.

But when you go into the game, if you look closely you will find that there are a number of factors that the game developer deliberately makes fun of. Even serious games with superficial characters do not show off a bit of humor, and they can do unusual things, which are contrary to their looks. The main purpose is to make the player feel fun while playing the game.

And on this topic, we have two areas of greatest interest. It’s Comedy and Humor in Video Games. So, in today’s article, let’s find out about them together!


1. There are situations where we will find Humor even though Developer did not intentionally do so.

Listening can be difficult to understand, right? Let me take a simple example for you to understand. Have you ever heard of Half-Life? When we shoot the wall, there will be holes in it. And players took advantage of this to write text, images on the wall, something the developers of this game never thought of. Interesting, huh?

That means the player has taken advantage of the in-game effects to create a Humor situation.

Link reference

There is a question for everyone: If you have an empty room and have only one ability to influence the world, what do you do? The answer is surprising and interesting: They choose to do funny things to make them laugh.

For example, in Deus Ex, the game’s context is a world severely damaged by plague and darkness. We have seen death and disgust in the game. But in any scene in the game, we also see beautiful light in the first few minutes we go to collect the debris to bring it to the boss’s desk.

Let me take a more recent example! Do you know Metal Gear Solid 5? It’s like a horror thriller, but the game allows you to ride animals flying into the sky and jump from the pink helicopter through the loudspeaker.

I will leave you a link to the game “Old Man Murder’s Deus Ex Walkthrough”, you will have to bring a flag in the chat and also decorate your room. When doing these things, I have to laugh because of its “ungodly”.

Link reference

It is a comedy (passive). We just play games, pay a little attention to everything around us and make sure there are situations where you feel the fun. Most of this is that each person will feel humor in different situations. But there are other ways to laugh, and continue to see what they are.

2. Humor in the dialogue, ingame stories.

One way to express humor is through dialogues or ingame stories. This is most likely to occur when “a character speaks humor”, but to create humor from this is not easy.

One of the best examples of this is the Portal game, in the course of the game experience, you will always hear stories from AI, GLaDOS. At first this was normal, but later on it went through too many times throughout the game, making the player feel uncomfortable.

In the series “Monkey Island” and other point and click games. You will have to listen to the dialogue, funny stories of the characters, the NPC in the game many times.Especially Battlefield: Bad Company. One game is full of “war” and “kill”. But it’s also the characters with funny talk for the players.

For developers, creating humor in this way is pretty straightforward. Mostly quips or statements. But what is important to know is what situations let us say these lines: “When the case A happens, what does the character X say?” When you start the GLaDOS game, there will be a few lines explaining game setup. “Every once in a while, Francis complains that he does not like bridges, especially the zombies that are always there.” After you have clicked a unit in Starcraft 2 several times continuously, you will find funny situations very interesting.

But do not overdo it. Because no matter how funny and humorous the dialogue is, the player will feel uncomfortable and hate them if they repeat too many times.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to make things a joke. Comedy must be based on logic, and when things are not right, you have done the wrong way. Look at Borderlands 2, they did a great job. They have a variety of elements such as the game’s plot, different contexts, situations, and especially they are always linked. In the Portal game too, you will also find the ingenuity of creating funny dialogue.

Pop culture or jokes are also aspects that can be found in creating humorous situations. If you need to make a joke based on logic, use it to start your own unique idea. And in the process, you will develop it better and more than you think at first.

“Comedy is Easy, Dying is Funny”from Anthony Burch – Borderlands 2:

Link reference

“Eric Wolpaw’s 80 minute NYU lecture”, adiscussion about Portal 2:

Link reference

3. Chaos and Mayhem.

Chaos will sometimes cause comedy, which is something that nobody knows in advance. It may appear unexpectedly, no plan ahead.

Magicka is a typical example of this. In the game, you can combine many elements to create spells, which have many different combinations. And of course, there will be hundreds of humorous situations that happen with this combination.

First, you will ask yourself: “How will this combination produce results?” Then you start to implement it. And then, your healing buffs your enemies, recovering full HP for your team’s opponents. The architectures built by your friends are exploded by you (your experiments create big explosions). And then you continue to hit “Again!” Because you like to poke fun at others and it creates laughter for you.

Techniques that create situations like things can be said to be very complex. Because they create joy, but also create anger, disappointment. You will notice this most clearly through the game Goat Simulator, I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, QWOP, Magicka. All of these games have the ability to create unexpected explosions. And in Magicka, when you fail, you almost lose everything. In the Kerbal Space Program, a large explosion will occur if you have any flaws in the process of producing the missile. It will explode immediately without being launched, and will destroy the entire area around it.

But you need to know this is a dangerous feature. If you overdo it, you will be counterproductive. So make sure that during the game development, there will be certain limits for these features. Let the players tease each other, poke fun at each other. But it’s just that, do not let it go further than anger and hatred in your game.

One important thing that I need you to note is that the failure must be clear and fair. If you make a mistake in the lack of information to the players and this makes them make mistakes in the game. That causes them to lose resources or lose precious gear so they can quit your game.

4. Humor from Gameplay

Gameplay is a very important factor and it will give you a very positive result if you apply it properly. Even better than the three factors I mentioned above.Because gameplay is almost one of the important factors for a player to rate a game. Game you good or not? People often talk about gameplay. So, when your gameplay is unique, the player will remember it more. And of course, they will all appreciate it well. This will be a great start and a springboard for you to have more new players. All will contribute to the prosperity of your game.

Take a look at Borlands 2. They have been outstanding in this respect. A quest for you in the Borderlands involves taking on a mission from the NPC, going to a place to perform a quest, destroying some enemies, finding items that the quest asks you to do, and then returning to get a reward.

This element was introduced in Borderlands and the beginning of Borderlands 2. At that time, these quests were what the player most enjoyed. So, this is the most suitable time for you to create a unique!

For example: mission requires you to “Shoot me in the face”, you have to shoot the NPC. Or you have to commit suicide in a position that the quest requires. These comedy missions appear unexpectedly among the attractive tasks that the game brings to the player, but the effect is more than that.

“This type of mission is also in this game?” “Do I have to do this ridiculous thing?” Will be what the player thinks when they encounter these quest in the game. Be assured that they will not harm your game. Because after completing these quests, the player will have a strong impression of it, and it is a funny sight.

When you apply them skillfully, the player will feel happy and relaxed and they will feel more excited about your game. As they experience your game, in addition to being explored the attractive features in the game they also find laughter, funny moment again.

In Portal 2, there is a scene where “Wheatley” asks you to talk by pressing Space. You cannot say, and pressing Space only makes you jump, which Wheatley finds is a wrong move. Then some features in the game can “help” you slap in the face of another character. Then you have to “soap” the corpses of the enemy.You suppress? But your mouth is laughing! That is the unique fun that not all games do. If you do this in the early stages of the game (preferably in the Tutorial section of the game), then you have succeeded in some way!

Link reference 1

Link reference 2


There are many ways to make a game more fun. Use them to attract players, which will make your product more attractive and bring more attention to the gaming community, from which you will have more new players.

And remember, even if you do not intentionally create comedy in the game, your players may still find ways to create humorous situations, so you should accept and live with these things!


9 Useful Marketing Tips To Promote Mobile Games.

Mobile game marketing has become a very important job no less than the level design, gameplay design or design for the user interface of the game. The market is currently very competitive with large studios that can spend millions of dollars on advertising. If you are struggling with the search capabilities of your mobile game, check out the nine tips below that will help you make a solid marketing campaign. The marketing tips below will help you lay the foundation for a successful ad campaign and get your game noticed by many users.

1. Identify your target customers

The first step is to find out who is going to love your game the most. Finding out this group of people will save you a lot of time and money as well as prevent you from bringing the game to an object that does not care about it.

The concept behind this is quite simple. If you want to sell a board game then your goal is to be a little kid, you will not have to pay for it to be advertised late at night, it’s like you will not have to try to sellthe ice cream in the cold winter. Identifying target customers means you will have many opportunities for you to achieve the results you desire, without wasting time as well as money.

If you do not know where to start, look at your competitors to see where they are investing the most effort. Try to identify the parts of your strategy that you can easily “imitate” and target the goals that are right for your users.

You should know that it would be better if you consider looking for your target audience in broad terms. You need to have a general idea of who will love your game first, then you can consider dividing each type of user in order to be able to target better such as the rich(VIPs), little money and no money. And from that you will have specific actions with each group.

2. Pre-Launch

By finding objects for the game, you are now ready for pre-launch marketing. Now is the time to start marketing your game, if you wait until your game is released, you have missed out on a very valuable marketing opportunity.

In pre-launch, you need to set a release date for your game. This will be associated with a lot of other marketing efforts. You will not want to spend weeks telling people that your game will be released one day but it will eventually be delayed for a number of reasons.

You will also need to decide what the marketing content for your game is. Does it have some educational benefits or is there something revolutionary? What will make people interested in your game before they can play it? Creating a perfect content will help you let everyone know about how great your game is.

3. Landing Page and Email List

Landing page is one of the simplest websites that you can use to promote your game. One of the benefits of landing pages is that you can place links to pages of app stores like Google Play or AppStore. You can also use this page to retrieve the email addresses of the Users.

Having the email addresses of potential users is the best way to tell them when your game will be released or when you have released an update. Landing page is a great place to receive user registration emails because you know that potential users interested in your game should visit this site. These are the first people you should notice when your game is released.

Designing a landing page is actually quite simple. You need to make it as simple as possible with as few distractions as possible, and it must also provide all the necessary content that the user is interested in. Pixduel’s landing page is a great example for you to learn.

4. Social Network

Today, marketing campaigns for most types of products relate to several types of social activities. Social networking is a useful marketing tool as it allows you to connect directly with potential users in a way that they are already familiar. There are a number of different social networking platforms you can use to promote your game but most importantly you need to find out which networks are the best and focus on it.

To find out which social networks work best with you, you can start with the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., and do some analysis to see which networks work best. Free tools like Buffer can help you manage your profiles and provide you with the basic analysis you need to determine which social network is most beneficial to you.


Post pre-launch information about your game and see who’s interested in it. Try to share the graphics of the game, extract some content from the story or something in the game to get feedback or even some new ideas provided by the user. You can also add links to landing pages, which will help you “better” filter your players.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing can have many different forms but there is a form that most people are familiar with is blogging. An interesting blog can be a great way to get people’s attention and share information about your game.


You can create a blog from your landing page or from some other online platform. Use your blog to write about what’s best in the game so you can create excitement for the user even if they are not yet able to play your game.


The most important thing of content marketing is that the article must be really interesting. Do not just write about the small details you work on, make sure you tell people about interesting changes in the game and how these changes will affect your game. You also need to work continuously when implementing a content marketing campaign. If people expect your post to be published someday, they are more likely to read it every week. 

6. Multimedia elements


Multimedia elements such as video, audio and images can be very powerful tools in your marketing campaign. Although these elements may take a long time to build, marketing campaigns will not be perfect without them.


As soon as your game is ready, you should make a trailer for the game. You can include this on your landing page and share it on social networks so people know what your game will look like.

If you are using some of the unique music for your game, consider sharing it, an attractive song that can pique the interest of the user and if these songs can impress for the listener, you will have more advantages. You should also create some promotional images for your game, preferably the screenshots of the game. You will also need them for the app stores, so you can use them for this purpose. They can be useful for sharing online or for the press.

7. Press

Letting the press talk about your game is one of the best ways for people to know about your game. Before you use the press strategy, you will need to provide what is needed (often called a press package) to help journalists easily write about your game. These can be screenshots, logos or any other artwork. You should also write a game fact sheet and a press release about your game. You should also provide a video trailer and a game demo if possible.

Getting things they need is a pretty easy thing, getting their attention is a difficult issue. Before you start to contact the big news pages, consider which pages will actually write about your game. Contact them directly to make sure you really invest in the game instead of just emailing them. Sometimes you also need to prepare some accounts so that they can enter the game themselves to experience in the test environment.

8. Review

Similar to using press strategy, review games are an effective way of marketing. Reviewing games can help you reach users you probably will not have when performing your own. You can also easily use these reviews for newspapers or other sections of your marketing campaign.

There are many sites that can review games, and of course some sites will gain more credibility than others. This is not to say that you should not approach less popular sites to receive reviews for your game. In fact, getting a review on small websites can help build and attract more attention than big sites. Also note that large sites may be overwhelmed with review requests from other games, so your review may not be perfect if they agree to write it for free.

Once you have some good reviews, make sure you also tell the reviewers about it. Share them on social networking sites or place them in your newsletters on the home page. You can also add reviews in the app store, which is a great way to convert potential users.

9. Compute the analysis

Once you’ve made all of these tips, another extremely important task is to calculate the results and tailor them accordingly to maximize the potential of your marketing campaign. Because no marketing campaign can work effectively with the mindset “set up and forget”.

Calculate the success of your social network posts and email newsletters to see if they have generated an attraction. There are many online tools that can help you maximize the potential for both of these techniques. You should also pay attention to the landing page to see how it can generate traffic for your game. This can tell you how much people are interested and watching your game.

Be sure to update your press package regularly and try to measure the download impact after reviews are released. If a site generates a greater impact than other sites, you will know who will be the first person to contact when your next game is released.


The above techniques are very important and essential if you are preparing to release a game. It can be said that the success of the game does not depend entirely on the marketing elements, but it will contribute a great part to bringing a lot of User to your game.

Once your game is over, players will advertise your game to their friends or relatives. And when you have a big community that loves your game, you will have plenty of opportunities and possibilities to bring in a huge amount of money by offering events, in game promotions. However, we will discuss the operation of this game in another article. Wish you will succeed in branding your game.

Also, I would like to highlight the The core things that game designer and game developers must have

The secret inside an attractive game

“Anything that touches your heart will be a big hit.” This is a quote from a famous director that I forgot the name. This statement is especially right when applied to the gaming industry in particular and other general occupations. So how can a game touch the heart of the gamer? Or we can say another way, “How to creat an attractive game for gamer?”

If you are a game designer, you will definitely want your game to be liked by many gamers. So in today’s article I will introduce you to the elements to create the attraction in the game. These principles are based on the study of human psychology as they play the game.

1. Put the “simple” into your game

Has anyone ever heard of the name “Snake,” an extremely simple game on Nokia?

The gameplay of Snake is very simple. You just use a hand and control the direction of the snake’s movement to eat as many points as possible.

The success of Snake is undeniable, there are many later versions based on Snake. But all of them have the following elements:

A snake or something like that, and can move on screen.

Find the foods that appear randomly on the screen to earn points.

Each time you eat food, the snake will be a little longer.

The interesting thing about Snake is that it creates a challenge for itself, as the longer the snake, the more difficult it is for the player to move, because if it touches the body, the snake will dead and the game ends, the player must play again from the beginning.

For simplicity and short game play time, “Snake” is suitable for you to play anytime in any situation. That is also a reason for it to become a monument in the game industry.

2. Create a game with easy tasks and simple features

Simplicity is the essence of a game when you want it to become popular and well known. Gamers will not spend the whole day just to find out what your game is and how to play it. Look at the famous games like Clash of Clans with the strategy of building your land, participating in the battle and win. Or Surfers with the mission is that you have to run the train while avoiding the obstacles. Or Temple Run with the simple request that you just control your character running as far as possible, the game has auto-run character…

However, it is not easy to create such simple and fascinating games. Templet Run always has a lot of mummies for you while Candy Crush has hundreds of different levels for players to explore (the most addictive online game ever).

The most notable thing here is the repetition of the game requirements. Let’s design your game to show it in the most subtle way, simple but really attractive.

3. The recognition level of the gamer

When a player scores a goal, they jump to celebrate or run around the yard and look at the audience. When a singer finished singing her song, she bowed to the audience. So what do they expect when doing those actions? It is recognition, appreciation, praise from viewers.

Did you notice that all games today are mostly level-up? From RPG to SLG and MOBA, they all have level features. It is introduced to show the level of the gamer, so that gamers know where they stand in your game.

A fireworks effect or a congratulatory message is a small but very big impact on the player when they level up. It also acts as a message to your gamer that “Are you ready for the next level challenge?”, “You will get new features at a new level”… and this will motivate players to continue playing your game on their new journey.

One more thing that I would like to mention is the comparison, which is best demonstrated through the game’s ranking system. Gamer will see his position compared to other players. At the same time this will challenge the gamer’s brains, making them need to try and spend more time playing your game.


These elements are extremely useful as it is derived from the gamer feel. If you apply these elements well into your game, you will have a very attractive and desirable product. Let’s creat your game right from now, I hope to soon be playing your game.