Benifits of Social Media

Social Media is no longer something you just do in your private life, it has rapidly turned into an important part of a modern marking mix.  We focus on the following platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube.

  1.  1.  Promote Your Business
  2.  2.  Build a Community 
  3.  3.  Increase Web Traffic
  4.  4.  Increase Search Engine Rank
  5. 5.  Understand Your Target Market
  6. 6.  Cost Effective
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Facebook is the largest of the Social Media companies. Some interesting facts.


Facebook has the same amount of monthly users (1.35 billion) as China—the world’s most populous country— has people.

There are more than one trillion posts on Facebook.

At 1.35 billion, Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million)—combined (it owns Instagram and WhatsApp, to boot). The social giant spent $20 billion over the last two years on WhatsApp and Instagram.

More than 1.1 billion people use Facebook on a mobile device on a monthly basis. That’s 1/7 of the people on planet Earth.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mobile arsenal includes at least ten applications: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages Manager, Paper, Slingshot, Instagram, WhatsApp, Bolt, Rooms and Moves.

Facebook has 1 billion more users than Twitter has.

Apple is sitting on $155 billion, which is enough cash to purchase seven WhatsApps. Facebook scooped up the mobile messaging app for what is now $22 billion.

Facebook has 1.5 million active advertisers.

Source: CNBC


Twitter is a real-time information network where people can discover what’s happening in the world right now, share information instantly and connect with people and businesses around the globe.


With over 284 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent every day, Twitter offers your business an opportunity to reach potential customers interested in what you have to offer.*

What’s more, 80% of users on Twitter are accessing it via a mobile device.* There is a real opportunity for businesses to reach potential customers no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Source: Twitter internal data, 2014


There are many added benefits for businesses that use Google Plus and some of the most exclusive benefits occur with your search engine results page. Not only will you have direct access to your business information, but your visibility will become much greater in Google’s search results. When customers look up your site, they will have direct access to maps, hours, contact information and your website. These small changes can have a huge impact on the way potential clients will interact with your business online.

One of the major benefits that businesses receive from Google Plus is Google indexing updates. The more you interact with Google and your community, the more up-to-date reports Google Search will keep on your website. Any added information that you update your site with will become available to Google users more quickly. This will let your potential customers know that the business is active and it brings a feeling of legitimacy to your business.

Source: JA Publications




Posting a video on YouTube takes on a life of its own as this video can then be viewed by thousands of YouTube users which in turn would be shared on numerous websites, blogs, and email in the world of Internet. You just need to tailor it according to the user’s needs and requirements, which would send the right message to the YouTube crowd. This simple movie would then start generating traffic from the people who visit YouTube daily.

Anyone watching your video is a potential customer!




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