9 Useful Marketing Tips To Promote Mobile Games.

Mobile game marketing has become a very important job no less than the level design, gameplay design or design for the user interface of the game. The market is currently very competitive with large studios that can spend millions of dollars on advertising. If you are struggling with the search capabilities of your mobile game, check out the nine tips below that will help you make a solid marketing campaign. The marketing tips below will help you lay the foundation for a successful ad campaign and get your game noticed by many users.

1. Identify your target customers

The first step is to find out who is going to love your game the most. Finding out this group of people will save you a lot of time and money as well as prevent you from bringing the game to an object that does not care about it.

The concept behind this is quite simple. If you want to sell a board game then your goal is to be a little kid, you will not have to pay for it to be advertised late at night, it’s like you will not have to try to sellthe ice cream in the cold winter. Identifying target customers means you will have many opportunities for you to achieve the results you desire, without wasting time as well as money.

If you do not know where to start, look at your competitors to see where they are investing the most effort. Try to identify the parts of your strategy that you can easily “imitate” and target the goals that are right for your users.

You should know that it would be better if you consider looking for your target audience in broad terms. You need to have a general idea of who will love your game first, then you can consider dividing each type of user in order to be able to target better such as the rich(VIPs), little money and no money. And from that you will have specific actions with each group.

2. Pre-Launch

By finding objects for the game, you are now ready for pre-launch marketing. Now is the time to start marketing your game, if you wait until your game is released, you have missed out on a very valuable marketing opportunity.

In pre-launch, you need to set a release date for your game. This will be associated with a lot of other marketing efforts. You will not want to spend weeks telling people that your game will be released one day but it will eventually be delayed for a number of reasons.

You will also need to decide what the marketing content for your game is. Does it have some educational benefits or is there something revolutionary? What will make people interested in your game before they can play it? Creating a perfect content will help you let everyone know about how great your game is.

3. Landing Page and Email List

Landing page is one of the simplest websites that you can use to promote your game. One of the benefits of landing pages is that you can place links to pages of app stores like Google Play or AppStore. You can also use this page to retrieve the email addresses of the Users.

Having the email addresses of potential users is the best way to tell them when your game will be released or when you have released an update. Landing page is a great place to receive user registration emails because you know that potential users interested in your game should visit this site. These are the first people you should notice when your game is released.

Designing a landing page is actually quite simple. You need to make it as simple as possible with as few distractions as possible, and it must also provide all the necessary content that the user is interested in. Pixduel’s landing page is a great example for you to learn.

4. Social Network

Today, marketing campaigns for most types of products relate to several types of social activities. Social networking is a useful marketing tool as it allows you to connect directly with potential users in a way that they are already familiar. There are a number of different social networking platforms you can use to promote your game but most importantly you need to find out which networks are the best and focus on it.

To find out which social networks work best with you, you can start with the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., and do some analysis to see which networks work best. Free tools like Buffer can help you manage your profiles and provide you with the basic analysis you need to determine which social network is most beneficial to you.


Post pre-launch information about your game and see who’s interested in it. Try to share the graphics of the game, extract some content from the story or something in the game to get feedback or even some new ideas provided by the user. You can also add links to landing pages, which will help you “better” filter your players.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing can have many different forms but there is a form that most people are familiar with is blogging. An interesting blog can be a great way to get people’s attention and share information about your game.


You can create a blog from your landing page or from some other online platform. Use your blog to write about what’s best in the game so you can create excitement for the user even if they are not yet able to play your game.


The most important thing of content marketing is that the article must be really interesting. Do not just write about the small details you work on, make sure you tell people about interesting changes in the game and how these changes will affect your game. You also need to work continuously when implementing a content marketing campaign. If people expect your post to be published someday, they are more likely to read it every week. 

6. Multimedia elements


Multimedia elements such as video, audio and images can be very powerful tools in your marketing campaign. Although these elements may take a long time to build, marketing campaigns will not be perfect without them.


As soon as your game is ready, you should make a trailer for the game. You can include this on your landing page and share it on social networks so people know what your game will look like.

If you are using some of the unique music for your game, consider sharing it, an attractive song that can pique the interest of the user and if these songs can impress for the listener, you will have more advantages. You should also create some promotional images for your game, preferably the screenshots of the game. You will also need them for the app stores, so you can use them for this purpose. They can be useful for sharing online or for the press.

7. Press

Letting the press talk about your game is one of the best ways for people to know about your game. Before you use the press strategy, you will need to provide what is needed (often called a press package) to help journalists easily write about your game. These can be screenshots, logos or any other artwork. You should also write a game fact sheet and a press release about your game. You should also provide a video trailer and a game demo if possible.

Getting things they need is a pretty easy thing, getting their attention is a difficult issue. Before you start to contact the big news pages, consider which pages will actually write about your game. Contact them directly to make sure you really invest in the game instead of just emailing them. Sometimes you also need to prepare some accounts so that they can enter the game themselves to experience in the test environment.

8. Review

Similar to using press strategy, review games are an effective way of marketing. Reviewing games can help you reach users you probably will not have when performing your own. You can also easily use these reviews for newspapers or other sections of your marketing campaign.

There are many sites that can review games, and of course some sites will gain more credibility than others. This is not to say that you should not approach less popular sites to receive reviews for your game. In fact, getting a review on small websites can help build and attract more attention than big sites. Also note that large sites may be overwhelmed with review requests from other games, so your review may not be perfect if they agree to write it for free.

Once you have some good reviews, make sure you also tell the reviewers about it. Share them on social networking sites or place them in your newsletters on the home page. You can also add reviews in the app store, which is a great way to convert potential users.

9. Compute the analysis

Once you’ve made all of these tips, another extremely important task is to calculate the results and tailor them accordingly to maximize the potential of your marketing campaign. Because no marketing campaign can work effectively with the mindset “set up and forget”.

Calculate the success of your social network posts and email newsletters to see if they have generated an attraction. There are many online tools that can help you maximize the potential for both of these techniques. You should also pay attention to the landing page to see how it can generate traffic for your game. This can tell you how much people are interested and watching your game.

Be sure to update your press package regularly and try to measure the download impact after reviews are released. If a site generates a greater impact than other sites, you will know who will be the first person to contact when your next game is released.


The above techniques are very important and essential if you are preparing to release a game. It can be said that the success of the game does not depend entirely on the marketing elements, but it will contribute a great part to bringing a lot of User to your game.

Once your game is over, players will advertise your game to their friends or relatives. And when you have a big community that loves your game, you will have plenty of opportunities and possibilities to bring in a huge amount of money by offering events, in game promotions. However, we will discuss the operation of this game in another article. Wish you will succeed in branding your game.

Also, I would like to highlight the The core things that game designer and game developers must have

The core things that game designer and game developers must have

Making a video game is not easy as we always imagine, it is a mixed with chain of things together. “Envato” is knew as digital good market, which provide a lot of useful material in making a game. In this essay, I will present you everything related to this field.

1. Sprite sheets:

Sprite sheets consist of sprites, which are combine into one file. Sprite is an object, which is always appears and plays an important role in recent games. Sprite sheets are now the standard of game industry. In this section below, we will give you useful things you need to make sure that whether you need symbol, character….

∎ Game character – Sprite 08

This is a set of tools to help you make your character move like people’s movement such as running, walking, jumping…In addition, it also has a character set for 2D runner games.

∎ Pixel characters

If you have ever thought about creating pixel art, here is a very quick introduction to one of the fundamental aspect of it: characters. Characters and other objects are formed by illuminating pattern of pixels. This set includes over 40 characters with 10 poses each. It is the perfect added to a “retrogame”, this allows us to focus on the player’s experience rather than the design of the character or other parts.

∎ Zombie Sprite sheets

Adding animated living dead to your game easily with this fantastic zombie sprite sheets. Five Zombie design, each walk and death loops, are included in this set. This is perfect for runner or platform games.

∎ Vegas Slot Icons Collection: 30 Vectorial Icons

Make fun by designing a Vegas style gambling machine with over 30 icons, ready for all your logo combining needs.

∎ Explosions and Impacts Spritepack

Filling a strong punch with beautiful designs. This is perfect for fighting games, RPGs, action games and more.

∎ Physics Game Block Set 3

These colorful block sets will bring a lot of fun and it is also great for games that play with physics or feature emotionalthat throw themselves at poor building. This set provides a variety of shapes, faces and block conditions.

∎ Game character sprite 07

Give your running girl magic power from earlier in this list a friend “nimble boy” sprite sheet. Wonderful for all platform games where you need multiple movement and actions.


∎ Virtual Coins for Your Games

If you need coin animations to attribute heavily in your game, within your game level, or as a part of user interface, this set of coin sprites youhave covered.

∎ Shark Game Assets

For players who love the simplicity and fun, creating a game of action-shark hunting bonuses will be a perfect idea.

∎ Flying Turtle Game Art

Instead of creating a flying bird like the old model, a winged turtle collecting gold coins would seem to be more attractive.

∎ Sky Birds Game Assets

With a perfect shooter, set of character and twist action, sidescroller games like this will have more fun.

∎ Game Asset Ornaments

With the diversified set of graphic ornaments and sprites, it will bring to the players feel interesting to play more and more from level-to-level.

∎ Game Animals Sprite Sheet | Volume 1

There will be a lot of animals in the game for you to choose, which can simulated the human movement such as walking, running, sliding, jumping,…

∎ Game Sprites 1

To players who enjoy adventure, this set of sprites is perfect.

∎ Space Shooter Creation Kit 3

Shooting games has been designed with complex spacecraft models, the sprite sheets will be extremely detailed contruction.

2. Backgrounds:

A background is what is underneath another object. In this field, background is the place where you can find any creative ideas for your game through the set of prites.

∎ 6 Game Backgrounds

Each background can be easily edited in the Adobe Illustrator software and the files are all ready for you to create a new game. In addition, the perfect combination of the set of backgrounds adds a lot of utility to adventure games.

∎ 5 in 1 Game Background

In this game, there are 5 colorful and funny backgrounds, players can choose a favorite background for their character based on the variety level.

∎ Jungle Run Game Background

Players must control their character through all different kind of trees in the forest with many interesting challenges in this game.

∎ Retro City Building Pack

With this background, players can build a busy retro city as they always dream.

∎ Nature Game Background

This is a game inspired by nature.

∎ Game Backgrounds #1

This is a simple game design with repeated backgrounds throughout the game.

∎ Game Backgrounds in One Set

This game design with the set of 15 backgrounds can integrate multiple moves at the same time as shooting while running or flying while shooting,…

∎ Game Background

This background offers players 10 different fantastic levels with spectacular mountain or nature scenes,…

∎ 9 Cartoon Game Backgrounds

Players will not be able to skip the games that have so cute and cute animated backgrounds like this.

∎ 8 Chinese Game Background

This type of games offer players the background to simulate Chinese architectural and designs.

3. Tile Sets:

This type will help game developers design diversified games by creating amazing different scenes.

∎ Scifi Shooter Sprite Sheet

Players have a chance to build a world dedicated to their character that against the enemy in this fiction games.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 4

This perfect set of tiles help game designers create many fantastic themes for adventure games. This set consist of two tile set styles, backgrounds, and an assortment.

∎ Pixel City Creation Kit

This Pixel City Creation Kit supports players in the construction of virtual city models.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 5

This is a winter themed game. Everthing in this kind of game will bring to players a very cool feeling.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 6

This is excellent graphic design software with challenges base on different levels. It allows players the opportunity to try with variety levels.

∎ Platformer Game Tile Set 9

The set of this tile is wonderful for players to build their castles. It shapes the style of the game and allows players to create castles related to the theme.

∎ 2D Tileset Platform Game

This is a simple designed game which keep the fun and comfort for players.

∎ 2D Tileset Platform Game 3

This kind of game with every detail were inspired from the forest.

∎ Platform Game Tileset 4: Abandoned Castle

This game titleset is an exciting start to players. It brings them the true feeling while they were playing game.

∎ Top-Down Roguelike Dungeon Crawl RPG Tileset

It is the perfect content for adventure games. Players also can easily change the set according to their preferences.

4. User Interfaces:

The set of interface packages are the perfect combination to help game designers complete their product in the fastest and most convinient way.

∎ RPG User Interface

You will not be able to miss any game using RPG User Interface because it’s a very clear and useful set of interfaces.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 3

The GUI Pack such as a wonderful set which create funny interfaces for mobile games.

∎ Match-3 Candy Game GUI

This kind of Interface is extremely lively and detailed.


∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 9

Exciting games on mobile phones or tablets will require the perfect combination of GUI Pack 9.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 11

These adventure games will operate more smoothly if they are designed base on this GUI Pack 11.

∎ Mobile Game GUI Pack 02

The items in the games will be highlighted by this interface. 2D games become more lovely because of GUI Pack 02.

∎ Mobile Game GUI Pack 04

This is the interface package that focuses on game mobile. It’s also the perfect choice for developing puzzle games.

∎ Cartoon Games GUI Pack 14

The colorful buttons in each game, which are designed by the GUI Pack 14 Interface would help players not to be confused.

∎ DingDong: Game GUI Pack

These items such as buttons, banners, tile sets, icons,… of mobile games can be lovely designed  by this interface.

∎ Space Game GUI Pack

Base on the space game GUI pack, game designers are able to focus on game instead just building items in the game.

5. Game Kits:

When you start developing a game, all you need is the set of game kits.

∎ Wirawiri: Game Level Map Builder

This game kit help creating the diversified terrain, surface styles, other items more beautiful and attractive.

∎ Top Down Racing Game Creation Kit

It will be much easier if the game designers use this set of kit to create racing games.

∎ 2D Pixel Art Game Assets

The 2D Pixel Art Game is the wonderful start to design a new game with 150 assets, creating a perfect begin for you.

∎ Casino Card Game GUI

This set is nice addition for your game inventory with full cards, table, and so on.

∎ Cannon Ball Shooter Assests

In this set, construct a bubble shooter with nice colors, animations, element and more in 3 file types.

∎ Flying Adventure Dark Style Game Kit

A game which consists of element sets, character sprites or so on will give for you sense of flying adventure.

∎ Spooky Places Game Assets

In order to an exciting game, this set with sprite sheets and buttons to the backgound is necessary for you. Spooky Places Gamr Assets is a cartoon-themed horror game.

∎ Game Assets for Tank Wars

If you want to enjoy a game with your friends in long time, this game set which have function sprites, tile sets and so on is good choice.

∎ Golden Slots Game Kit

This is a swanky game setwith more than 500 elements. Moreover, every asset can be edited in 6 file formats.

∎ Space Game GUI Set

You feel more excited with a space-themed game set which has designed menus, sprites, button and so on.


6. Miscellaneous Things:

This is a list of assets which has game icons and addition assets. Let’s see anything which be assembled below.

∎ Common Game Icon Asset

A game is very excited which has 100 icons in 4 sizes.

∎ RPG Item Bundle 1

This is a game with a bundle of 296 items used for leveling up players.

∎ Magic Bottles Icons

The icon sets are a new theme for all games.

∎ Game Icons

Icons which are designed simply and colorfully are one of the key to attract the attention of players.

∎ 2D Cartoon Forest Trees & Plants

For this type of game, the game makers have designed more than 230 items based on the image of the tree.


∎ Donut Game Icons Set

This game is great for playerwho love cooking, it is a perfect combination of colorful food.

∎ 85 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons

This is a fantastic game for players who want to create their icons by themselves.

∎ Asteroids Game Pack

Many players are considering buying this package to complement the space game collection on their mobile devices.

∎ Isometric Map Icons Vol.01

This is a perfect design for games that involve maps because it’s has many choice for players to choose.

∎ Common Game Icon Pack HD

For games that have already hit the market, this is a perfect addition to improving game quality.


This is a list of core things, which are game designers and game developers pay attention for creating a new games. There may be some details that can be overlooked but in general this is a useful article for people who are really interested in the game development services industry.


Tips and tricks in Unity and Vuforia that you should know

Vuforia helps you make engaging AR apps. Now, I will introduce several nice functions of it. We will explore Cube and Cylinder-Targets, Vumarks, Smart-Terrain and more. Of course, we will not explain these subjects deeply, but it is enough for you to understand and you can start with them.


1. Set up “Vuforia” on Unity

You can skip this section if you are already with preparing a Unity project. Because it reviews for people that used Vuforia in the past.

Firstly, you have to set up the framework by downloading and importing the “Vuforial” package for Unity. After that, in “Vuforia’s License Manager”, you have to create a License Key. You take the key and insert it on “ARCamera” prefab. And now, you can play around with “Vuforia”.

You can consult the example below : Create a Pokémon GO Style Augmented Reality Game With Vuforia.

2. Design an Image-Target

Almost of Augmented-Reality experiences on “Vuforia” base on types of Target which is admit by “Vuforia’s algorithm” to begin the augmentation process. Designing target by yourself, then submit it to “Target-Manager” of “Vuforia”in order to the system identify it. One thing you should remember, this design must apply some tutorials unless you want it cannot recognized at all.

Many types of “Vuforial” targets including a lot of “Image-Targets” are arranged in concrete position and order with a “Multi-Target”. So, you have to have knowledge about designing an “Image-Targets”.

When designing an “Image-Target”, it applies three main rules below:

Detail must be rich.

It must have a nice distinction with bright and dark regions.

There is no repetitious and can be exist.

An arrangement of the image which using its function is created by “Vuforia”, then the algorithm can find sample and track the targets. An image’ function looks like a box corner or the tip of the star, it means that it is a sharpened angle roughly; and the amount of function in image connect directly to its “trackability”

And important more, the “Image-Targets” need level of randomness and chaos to be identified. So, if functions in an image are arranged in a pattern, they will not help.

Therefore, you can create a perfect “Image-Target” if you apply those rules above.

3. Using Multi-Target

The “Multi-Target” is include a series of “Image-Targets” in determinedgeometric disposition. “Vuforia’s algorithm” can track the targets at the same time and make a volumetric reference in this disposition. In marketing strategy, “Multi-Target” is extremely useful to improve interaction of customer with product package.

a. Designing a Multi-Target

The rule of designing of “Multi-Target” is the same as that of “Image-Target”, but adding 2 rules, there are: the box’s depth and its Geometric consistency.

A recommendation shows that the depth of the box should be a half of its width. If it is smaller than that, it will work.

Algorithm of “Vuforia” expects that all parts of the “Multi-Target” have consistency. In other word, all of the sides of the box are expected to be in place. If this cannot happen, it can keep the removable part blank in target creation in “Target-Manager”.

b. Creating a Multi-Target

Firstly, selecting the database, then click Add-Target. Select the “Cuboid” option with Width-Height-Length-Name.

I repeat that a “Multi-Target” is include a series of “Image-Target” in a defined position. So, when the “Multi-Target” was created, select and set “Image-Targets” in it. Each the part of cuboid must have an image, in which, each image apply to the percentage of the cuboid, specified when the target was made.

You would be ready when the Cuboid is installed. Download the database, then, add it in Unity. Drag a “Multi-Target” prefab to the stage, and select Cuboid-Target and database which downloaded in order to use it. Take a look at the documentation.

4. Cylinder-Targets

“Vuforia” documentation shows that Cylinder-Targets allows you to find or track images that rolled into the cylindrical and conical shapes. You can create engagement with product package by using this interaction.

a. Design a Cylinder-Target

As Multi-Target, a Cylinder-Target depend on Image-Target, too. That means it should apply 3 main rules in designing. Both the top and the bottom of the cylinder must be a square, they will be marked by the Target manager system. You should attend to target’s consistency.

b. Create a Cylinder-Target

In first step, select the database in “Vuforial’s Target-Manager”, add a new Target, select the Cylinder choice, set its Dimensions and Name.

In second step, select the Cylinder-Target which you created and upload images to it. You can upload one image for top and one image for bottom. You should know that the image must respect the ratio of cylinder. But don’t worry because “Vuforia” system will give you the exact ratio, so, you can regulate your image percentages accordingly. Your upload will succeed just when the ratio is correct.

You only have to download and import the database to Unity, then, drag a “Vuforia Cylinder-Target” prefab to scene, you can use it.

5. Smart Terrain

The Smart-Terrain is a sole function which allows you to rebuild and improveyour physical environment. The function reconstruct, tracks physical objects,defines and surface. Those objects which are specified can be used as terrain in Unity, and it open up exciting possibilities for games and experiences.

The experience is beginning when the device tracks an Image-Target, a Cylinder-Target or other kind of target. The system will specify objects that distributed around the target, then, set the game stage base on objects tracked. The terrain is projected nearly over the scanned objects, the experience starts.

When objects apply to “Vuforia” standards, Smart Terrain can define them, like boxes or cylinders. It will put those simple objects directly on the game stage and using them like part of the scene.

The Smart-Terrain system calls those types of objects Props. The size can be small like a soup-can or big like a large cereal-box. “Transparent objects” like glass which is not supported.

Smart-Terrain works in 3 stages:

Staging: the user distributes the target and the objects (props).

Scanning: Smart-Terrain tracker captures and rebuilds the stage and props which used in the stalling.

Tracking: the Unity scene that you’ve developed augment the terrain.

In order to create a Smart-Terrain experience, the “Vuforia” team shows us an excellent each step guide. You only allows the guide if you want to try. However, you should remember that Smart-Terrain is limit certainty, especially relative to hardware and system requirement. You can find out more about the system in its documentation.

6. VuMark

A “VuMark” is a type of target can be made to order fully and it is defined by “Vuforia” tracking system. It can recount specific design option or a brand personality. “VuMark”can begin “encode data” or“AR experiences”.

The creation process with “VuMark” is not simple. The “Vuforia” team gives us an excellent guide and some helpful tools. But in this post, I will only show you general idea of this process.

a. “VuMark” Design

It is important to understand several construct and design rules for “VuMark”. A “VuMark”consist of 5 parts:

Contour: the contour is specified by the contrast between border and the clear space. It is a part which “Vuforia’s algorithm” finds firstly.

Border: the organizing shape of “VuMark”. It is made by straight lines with at least 4 angles which located at the outermost edge of the design.

Clear space: the empty area that appears adjacent to the border. It is ensure there is enough contrast for the algorithm to find the contour

Code / Elements: shows the target’ ID. Including elements have high contrast, represent 2 stage: dark and light. When create the “VuMark” Template in Illustrators using the tools, the amount of elements is organizing.

Background / Design Area: this area is an empty canvas that will be ignored. You can be free to design in this space.

To find out more about the design requirements, read the VuMarkDesign Guide.

b. Create a “VuMark”

VuMark is made by using Adobe Illustrator and the VuMark Design Tools. The tools are consists of 3 Illustrator scripts.

An advise for you, you should design idea and consider all tutorials which Vuforia gives before beginning a VuMark. When completing the design, you should divide it into parts, applying VuMark’s construction.

Firstly, create a new VuMark sample by using the “VuMark-Setup.jsx” illustrated script. Then, you can choose the mark’name, ID type, length in “VuMark-Temple-Setup” The amount of characters which encoded will define how many it contains.

You have to copy design idea and break it by using classes which created by the script when the template is created. Each class shows a part of construction and has its rules. You will the “VuMark-verify.jsx” script to check whether you design is right. This script will have some advises for you about the way to fix you design.

You will export the target after ensuring your design conforms to “VuMark’s standard” and it is broken down. To do this, you have to run the “VuMark-Export.jax” script. It will make a new file in Illustrator, move this content from your “VuMark” sample. It will remind you to save your sample under an SVG file. Now, you can upload the target file to a new database in “Vuforia’s Target Manager”. After that, as other targets, you download database and use it.

7. Explore cool features

In general, Vuforia system has extremely interesting features. Some other features in Vuforia:

User defined targets: like Image-Targets, but addition, user can organize the targets by using the device’s camera.

Cloud recognition: (for firm-accounts) this is kind of target database which lives in cloud. You can upload and synchronize new Image-Targets with the app on fly.

Object recognition: it is an experimental function. This function permits the specification of an object after a special tool scan it.

The secret inside an attractive game

“Anything that touches your heart will be a big hit.” This is a quote from a famous director that I forgot the name. This statement is especially right when applied to the gaming industry in particular and other general occupations. So how can a game touch the heart of the gamer? Or we can say another way, “How to creat an attractive game for gamer?”

If you are a game designer, you will definitely want your game to be liked by many gamers. So in today’s article I will introduce you to the elements to create the attraction in the game. These principles are based on the study of human psychology as they play the game.

1. Put the “simple” into your game

Has anyone ever heard of the name “Snake,” an extremely simple game on Nokia?

The gameplay of Snake is very simple. You just use a hand and control the direction of the snake’s movement to eat as many points as possible.

The success of Snake is undeniable, there are many later versions based on Snake. But all of them have the following elements:

A snake or something like that, and can move on screen.

Find the foods that appear randomly on the screen to earn points.

Each time you eat food, the snake will be a little longer.

The interesting thing about Snake is that it creates a challenge for itself, as the longer the snake, the more difficult it is for the player to move, because if it touches the body, the snake will dead and the game ends, the player must play again from the beginning.

For simplicity and short game play time, “Snake” is suitable for you to play anytime in any situation. That is also a reason for it to become a monument in the game industry.

2. Create a game with easy tasks and simple features

Simplicity is the essence of a game when you want it to become popular and well known. Gamers will not spend the whole day just to find out what your game is and how to play it. Look at the famous games like Clash of Clans with the strategy of building your land, participating in the battle and win. Or Surfers with the mission is that you have to run the train while avoiding the obstacles. Or Temple Run with the simple request that you just control your character running as far as possible, the game has auto-run character…

However, it is not easy to create such simple and fascinating games. Templet Run always has a lot of mummies for you while Candy Crush has hundreds of different levels for players to explore (the most addictive online game ever).

The most notable thing here is the repetition of the game requirements. Let’s design your game to show it in the most subtle way, simple but really attractive.

3. The recognition level of the gamer

When a player scores a goal, they jump to celebrate or run around the yard and look at the audience. When a singer finished singing her song, she bowed to the audience. So what do they expect when doing those actions? It is recognition, appreciation, praise from viewers.

Did you notice that all games today are mostly level-up? From RPG to SLG and MOBA, they all have level features. It is introduced to show the level of the gamer, so that gamers know where they stand in your game.

A fireworks effect or a congratulatory message is a small but very big impact on the player when they level up. It also acts as a message to your gamer that “Are you ready for the next level challenge?”, “You will get new features at a new level”… and this will motivate players to continue playing your game on their new journey.

One more thing that I would like to mention is the comparison, which is best demonstrated through the game’s ranking system. Gamer will see his position compared to other players. At the same time this will challenge the gamer’s brains, making them need to try and spend more time playing your game.


These elements are extremely useful as it is derived from the gamer feel. If you apply these elements well into your game, you will have a very attractive and desirable product. Let’s creat your game right from now, I hope to soon be playing your game.